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Preparation and thermal energy storage properties of high heat conduction expanded graphite/palmitic acid form-stable phase change materials

Shaofei WU(),Ting YAN(),Zihan KUAI,Weiguo PAN()   

  1. College of Energy and Mechanical Engineering, Shanghai University of Electric Power, Shanghai 200090, China
  • Received:2019-03-03 Revised:2019-05-24 Online:2019-09-05 Published:2019-09-05
  • Contact: Ting YAN,Weiguo PAN;;


A kind of composite phase change materials (PCMs) was prepared by the process of “melting blend - solidification and form-stable” to improve the comprehensive performance of PCMs. Palmitic acid (PA) is used as PCM and expanded graphite (EG) is used for the supporting material. Twenty-one kinds of form-stable composite PCMs were prepared with different contents of EG. The morphologies and structures were characterized microscopically by SEM. On this basis, heat transfer performance analysis, thermophysical test, thermal stability test and heat storage performance analysis were conducted. SEM morphological characterization showed that PA could be absorbed into the pores of EG and the distribution was uniform. DSC test results revealed that the melting enthalpy of PCMs is 193.01 J/g with the 70%(mass) PA corresponding to the melting point of 61.08℃. The melting enthalpy of pure PA is 275.35 J/g corresponding to the melting point of 59.53℃. The thermal conductivity of the PCMs is significantly improved by the addition of EG. When the sample density was 900 kg/m3 and the content of EG was 30%(mass), the thermal conductivity of the composite PCM is 14.09 W/(m·K), which is about 87 times higher than that of pure PA. Cycle stability tests were carried out, the results suggest the samples with 24% and 30% EG content have no any change in shape, and therefore show excellent cycle stability in repeating charging and discharging processes.

Key words: palmitic acid, expanded graphite, form-stable, phase change materials (PCMs), preparation, thermal energy storage performance

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Preparation procedure of PA/EG form-stable composite PCMs sample"


PA/EG form-stable composite PCMs sample"


Change of PA/EG form-stable composite PCMs density with porosity"


PA/EG form-stable composite PCM samples with different proportions"


PA/EG form-stable composite PCMs sample with different mass fractions of EG and different densities"

方块密度/(kg/m3) EG/%(mass) 质量/g 密度/(kg/m3) 样品序号
600 6 38.977 609 S1
12 50.940 596 S2
18 38.076 595 S3
24 38.339 599 S4
30 38.001 594 S5
700 6 44.530 696 S6
12 44.539 696 S7
18 44.596 697 S8
24 44.679 698 S9
30 44.730 699 S10
800 6 50.940 796 S11
12 50.840 794 S12
18 51.095 798 S13
24 51.098 798 S14
30 51.138 799 S15
900 6
12 57.485 898 S16
18 57.429 897 S17
24 57.487 898 S18
30 57.252 895 S19
1000 6
24 63.847 998 S20
30 63.620 994 S21


SEM image of EG and composite PCMs"


DSC curves of pure PA and five different proportions of PA/EG form-stable composite PCM samples"


Prediction and experimental curve of latent heat of PA/EG composite PCMs samples with EG mass fraction"


Relation curve of supercooling degree of PA/EG form-stable PCMs with content of EG"


Microstructure of PA/EG composite PCMs"


Changes in horizontal and vertical thermal conductivity of PA/EG form-stable composite samples with sample density when content of EG is 30%(mass)"


Curve of thermal conductivity with sample density"


Relation curve of effective thermal conductivity change with cycle times"


Relation curve of sample mass change with cycle times"


Changes of sample morphology during charging/discharging process"

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