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Study on thermal conductivity of paraffin-expanded graphite composite phase change materials

Ken LIN(),Xiaoyong XU,Qiang LI,Dinghua HU()   

  1. School of Energy and Power Engineering, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Nanjing 210094, Jiangsu, China
  • Received:2020-12-09 Revised:2021-03-16 Online:2021-08-05 Published:2021-08-05
  • Contact: Dinghua HU;


It is a common method to improve the thermal conductivity of paraffin-based phase change materials that adding expanded graphite (EG) to paraffin (PA). It is valuable for the application of PA-EG composite to predict its thermal conductivity accurately. Through the analysis of the microstructure characteristics of PA-EG composite phase change materials with EG mass fraction less than 20%, a micro model based on the uniform dispersion of EG fibers in PA was established, the phase change process of uniformly dispersed structural units was numerically simulated, the influence of EG mass fraction and its particle size on the equivalent thermal conductivity of uniform dispersion unit was analyzed, and a prediction model was proposed for the thermal conductivity of the PA-EG phase change materials suitable for different preparation methods. The experimental results of PA-EG composite phase change materials with EG mass fraction less than 20% are in good agreement, with the maximum error of 15.1%.

Key words: paraffin, expanded graphite, composite phase change materials, heat transfer, phase change

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Microstructure of PA-EG composite phase change material"


Assumption of PA-EG microscale structure"

Table 1

Materials properties"














Grid independence test of PA-EG unit"


Melting section of PA-EG units"


Calculation results of PA-EG units and their fitting"


Melting rate of pure PA materials with different thermal conductivity"


Deduction of dispersion coefficient α from experimental results of PA-EG composite phase change materials[10,14,17,19,21,35-36]"


Comparison of experimental results and estimated results of PA-EG composite phase change material [15,18]"

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