CIESC Journal ›› 2016, Vol. 67 ›› Issue (S1): 353-358.DOI: 10.11949/j.issn.0438-1157.20151656

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Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from Alternanthera philoxeroides by K2CO3 activation

CHEN Wenting, RAN Qicheng, CAI Xianzong, LI Xianfa, XU Jianrong   

  1. School of Life Science and Engineering, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Mianyang 621010, Sichuan, China
  • Received:2015-11-03 Revised:2016-01-27 Online:2016-08-31 Published:2016-08-31
  • Supported by:

    supported by the Key Project of Education Department of Sichuan Province (14ZA0092) and the Doctor Foundation of Southwest University of Science and Technology (14zx7155).


陈文婷, 冉启成, 蔡献宗, 黎先发, 徐建蓉   

  1. 西南科技大学生命科学与工程学院, 四川 绵阳 621010
  • 通讯作者: 黎先发,
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A series of activated carbons (ACs) were prepared from Alternanthera philoxeroides (AP) by K2CO3 one-step mixing activation. The effects of various process parameters, such as mixing mass ratio of K2CO3 to AP, activation temperature and period, on the adsorptive property and the yield of AC were investigated. The surface morphology of AC were characterized with scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The results indicate that the optimized activation conditions were 1.5 of K2CO3 to AP mixing mass ratio, 800℃ of activation temperature, 3.0 h of the activation time. The yield, iodine number and methylene blue (MB) number of AC were 13.79%, 1477 mg·g-1, 384 mg·g-1, respectively. The recovery ratios of K2CO3 were over 80% when the nitrogen flow rate was no more than 100 ml·min-1. The SEM images of the ACs showed that the activation temperature has obvious effect on the porous structure.

Key words: activated carbon, Alternanthera philoxeroides, preparation, activation, adsorption


以入侵生物空心莲子草为原料,以K2CO3为活化剂,经一步共混活化法制备活性炭。研究了K2CO3与空心莲子草质量比、活化温度及活化时间对活性炭得率及吸附性能的影响。利用扫描电子显微镜(SEM)对不同温度下得到的活性炭进行了表面形貌观察。实验结果表明,K2CO3活化空心莲子草的最佳活化条件为:质量比为1.5,活化温度及时间分别为800℃,3.0 h,此时活性炭得率为13.79%,其碘吸附值及亚甲基蓝吸附值分别为1477 mg·g-1和384 mg·g-1。当氮气流量在20~100 ml·min-1范围内变化时,K2CO3的回收率相差不大,且其回收率均能达到80%以上。SEM结果表明活化温度对活性炭孔结构具有明显影响。

关键词: 活性炭, 空心莲子草, 制备, 活化, 吸附

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