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Characteristics of steam dynamic system in different operating environment

LI Jian1, ZHANG Guolei1, SHI Zhijun2, YANG Longbin1, MA Biao1, ZENG Shuai1, LI Zihao1   

  1. 1 College of Power and Energy Engineering, Harbin Engineering University, Harbin 150001, Heilongjiang, China;
    2 703 Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Harbin 150078, Heilongjiang, China
  • Received:2016-04-26 Revised:2016-05-03 Online:2016-08-31 Published:2016-08-31
  • Supported by:

    supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (51479040,51409070)and the Natural Science Foundation of Heilongjiang Province (E201422).


Environmental temperature and pressure, which act as the operating condition of the steam power system, play an important role in the safety and economy of the whole system. The simulation model of a steam power system was established to analyze and discuss the characteristics of the system under different ambient temperature and pressure. The results show that auxiliary engine power, steam flow and fuel flow increase with the raise of environmental temperature. Also, auxiliary engine power, steam flow and fuel flow increase with the decline of environmental pressure.Moreover, a lower load of dynamic system leads to a greater proportion of auxiliary engine power.

Key words: steam power, environment condition, response pattern, process systems, model, dynamic simulation

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  • TQ028.8
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