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Numerical simulation on flow boiling heat transfer of R32 in micro/mini-channels

ZHAO Ran, WU Xiaomin, HUANG Xiujie   

  1. Key Laboratory for Thermal Science and Power Engineering of Ministry of Education, Department of Thermal Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, China
  • Received:2016-05-11 Revised:2016-05-25 Online:2016-08-31 Published:2016-08-31
  • Supported by:

    supported by the Tsinghua University Initiative Scientific Research Program (20131089319) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China Science Fund for Creative Research Groups (51321002).


Two dimensional unsteady numerical simulations of flow boiling heat transfer inside a 1 mm and 2 mm smooth horizontal tubes for R32 were conducted utilizing VOF multiphase model, under the condition of a mass flux of 100 kg·m-2·s-1, a heat flux of 12 kW·m-2, a saturation temperature of 15℃. Single phase flow, bubbly flow, slug flow were observed in the simulation results for R32 flow boiling heat transfer inside a 2 mm channel while single phase flow, bubbly flow, confined bubbly flow, slug flow were observed inside a 1 mm channel. Bubble movement characters and influences on flow boiling heat transfer basic patterns exerted by channel diameter during flow boiling heat transfer inside the tubes for R32 were analyzed based on the distributions of gas phase volume fraction and temperature generated by the simulations. A promising consistency was achieved through the comparison between numerical simulation and experimental results.

Key words: multiphase flow, flow boiling, microchannels, numerical simulation, R32, VOF model

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  • TK124
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